Who believes in conspiracy theories and how do these persons behave in the real world?

Photo souce: Hina/ Dario GRZELJ

In order to find out who believes in conspiracy theories, what kind of conspiracy theories are the most popular, and how conspiracy theorists behave in the real world, our researchers, which include Nebojša Blanuša, a professor from the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb, as well as Andrea Vranić and Milica Tonković, professors from the Faculty of Social Sciences in Zagreb, conducted an analysis on the belief in COVID-19 conspiracy theories, which they presented on September 13th in Zagreb, as part of the multidisciplinary project "Pro-fact: Exposing COVID-19 disinformation narratives in Croatia through research, fact-checking and education".

The research included conducting a survey from April 29th to May 17th, 2022, on a nationally representative sample of 1,401 adult participants between the ages of 18 and 64 - and as for what results they reached and what recommendations they have for the Croatian society, find out in a short video where they discuss exactly that!

You can watch the video below:

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