How did COVID-19 disinformation change over time?

Does the flow of time affect COVID-19 disinformation, or do they stay the same? Building on the previous research, Gong publishes another research by Mato Brautović, a professor from the University of Dubrovnik, called "Dynamic Network Analysis of Covid-19 Related Disinformation Ecosystem in Croatia", which tackles this very question.

The analysis of social networks aimed to show the temporal spread of disinformation, in order to determine the interconnectedness of disinformation spreaders.

The results of displaying the chronological spread of disinformation showed that the COVID-19 disinformation ecosystem has a stable structure, which has resisted the platform's attempts to regulate content using its superorganism characteristics. Through them, it was able to react to attempts at regulation and adapt to them, in order to continue its disinformation spreading activities.

Read the full report below:

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