Liked and shared: Who makes the dissemination network of fact-check actors

After we investigated the COVID-19 disinformation ecosystem in Croatia, and the temporal dimension of the spread of disinformation, Gong published a study by Mato Brautović, a professor from the University of Dubrovnik, called "Mapping Fact-checking and Fact-Disseminating Networks in Croatia".

Through a combination of automated text analysis, social network analysis, and visual and dynamic network analysis, the research aimed to determine the nature of the actors who share Faktograf's COVID-19 fact-checks on Facebook, and to explain whether Faktograf managed to create a community gathered around their COVID-19 fact-checks.

The results show that Faktograf is the main source of COVID-19 fact-checking in Croatia, but that its dissemination network predominantly consists of disinformation actors, who spread their posts within the disinformation ecosystem in order to refute their findings, criticize, and discredit Faktograf's work.

Read the full report below:

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