Journalism against misinformation: Sign up for Gong's training in Zadar!

Kurs for Gong

We invite journalists, editors, and journalism students to apply for Gong's training on topic of the fight against disinformation, which will be held in Zadar on October 21st, and 22nd, 2022. The workshop is organized as part of the Pro-fact project.

The goal of the workshop is to open a discussion about all the factors that contribute to the spread and influence of disinformation narratives, which have shaken the media scene and political systems in recent years. At the same time, with this workshop we want to create a space for the exchange of experiences among colleagues, as well as a space for potential cooperation. The training is designed as a place for an interactive and reasoned discussion about the state of the media scene, and the journalism profession in Croatia and the European Union, the influences on the media, as well as the changes in the functioning of the media, the echoes of which we will encounter in the coming years.

The workshop program is led by experienced journalists and editors, experts in media literacy, and university professors who are experts in research and analysis of media content.

Training program units include:

  • Political economic forces that contribute to the vulnerability of media audiences to disinformation
  • The ways in which disinformation spreads, through examples of interactive tools and a discussion of the psychological mechanisms that support reactions to such content
  • Media competences of the audience and possibilities of newsrooms to positively influence them
  • Channels and tools for the distribution of media content and the problems they generate
  • Public trust in the media
  • Fact-checking, exposing disinformation and fabricated content

Who can apply?

Applications are open for interested journalists and journalism students.

Until when are applications open?

Applications can be sent until October 10th.

How to apply?

To apply, it is necessary to send to the email address a CV, contact information (phone number and e-mail address) and a short letter of motivation (900-1800 characters), in which the motivation for participation, and the justification of the contribution of the participation in the workshop for further work, should be highlighted.

Application results

The organizers will get back to you as soon as possible, no later than October 13th. Based on the quality of the application, the organizer will select 20 participants of the training.

The detailed program of the workshop is being prepared and will be delivered. All travel, accommodation and food expenses are covered.

Pro-fact: Research, education, fact-check and debunk COVID-19 related disinformation narratives in Croatia“, is a multidisciplinary project led by Gong. Through research, awareness raising and capacity building, the project comprehensively approaches the social, political and health problem of the dissemination of COVID-19 disinformation campaigns, together with our partners: Faculty of Political Science in ZagrebUniversity of DubrovnikFaktograf.hrFaculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, and Croatian Journalists Society (HND) and the Croatian Journalists’ Union (SNH).

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