Guidelines for responsible and safe journalism in times of crisis

Source: Kurs za Gong

In-depth interviews and conversations with journalists and other journalism representatives revealed the extent of the worryingly poor state of journalism in Croatia, as well as the dangers that crisis conditions have created for the safety and work of journalists.

Together with the Croatian Journalists' Association and the Trade Union of Croatian Journalists, Gong organized and conducted a series of focus discussions with dozens of representatives of the journalism profession, with the aim of establishing guidelines and recommendations for responsible and safe journalism in crisis conditions. We combined the results of the analysis and the guidelines created from them in the research "Guidelines for responsible and safe journalism in times of crisis", authored by Đurđica Klancir.

In the conducted interviews, journalists, editors and members of the Ethical Council (a body of the CJA that considers the application of the Code of Ethics of Honor) pointed out the worrying situation in the Croatian media scene and the collapse of the journalism profession even before the start of the pandemic, the existence of uneven interest of media owners in ensuring safe working conditions and support for journalists exposed during work in crisis conditions, the unavailability of quality information from state institutions and bodies, as well as the growing number of misinformation.

Based on the reported problems of the journalism profession, a series of guidelines have been proposed, which include ensuring safety in the workplace, freedom of movement, equal availability of information for all journalists, greater responsibility of journalists, and paying special attention to the transmission of information and news from social networks.

Read all guidelines for responsible and safe journalism in times of crisis:

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