Research, education, fact-checking and debunking of disinformation narratives related to COVID-19 in Croatia

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30. January 2023.
Who, what, when, where, and why? COVID-19 Disinformation and Conspiracy Theories in Croatia

Through eight chapters of the collection, the members of the Pro-fact consortium approached the problem of COVID-19 disinformation narratives through a series of perspectives and methods, with the aim of determining the main dissemination actors, the nature of disinformation narratives, their content and the behavioral characteristics of their proponents.

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27. January 2023.
Democracy must be healthy: Only together can we overcome the information collapse

Strengthening resistance to disinformation is the joint responsibility of all stakeholders who can contribute to the development of media, scientific and civic literacy, is the conclusion of Gong's conference "Democracy must be healthy".

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24. January 2023.
Notice: Conference "Democracy Must Be Healthy"

Gong and the Pro-fact consorcium invite you to the "Democracy Must Be Healthy" conference.

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17. January 2023.
What Do They Say? Disinformation as a superorganism

After numerous analyzes on the topic of disinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic, Gong brings the comics "What do they say?" and "Blue people are not real", realized through the work of Ena Jurov, Lucija Bužančić, Peđa Ličina and Štef Bartolić.

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13. January 2023.
Gong Handbook on Disinformation: How Do They Track us so Successfully?

Gong's handbook addresses some of the sources of journalism's vulnerability to disinformation that the COVID-19 pandemic has alerted us to.

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22. December 2022.
You are in my thoughts: Can Encouraging Critical Thinking Change Belief in COVID-19 Fake News?You are in my thoughts:

By conducting an experiment where a video in which untruths are stated and then exposed with arguments, the research showed that encouraging critical thinking can influence the attitudes of people who believe in COVID-19 conspiracy theories, but not when said belief is extreme.

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